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Zala’s Pizza & Steakhouse is saving $15,000 per year with our payment processing rates. We have many clients enjoying similar savings. Are you sure you are not one of those merchants who are overcharged ?


You are not going to experience a decline in customer service by switching to our company. Sabadila Animal Clinic is now enjoying the same service as they had when processing payments through a top Canadian company, yet for much better price


 With face-to-face meetings, we make change as easy as possible for your business. We offer on-site installation and assistance with old processor cancellations. Calgary Cycle experienced a seamless change to our services. We can do the same for you!


 We take pride in supporting local businesses, which is why we can help you with better service and better pricing. Choose us as your local payment processing supplier and experience personalized service with excellent pricing.

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Why pay more if there is a quality solution for a better price? Why put up with bad customer service if there is a better way? Why not use terminals with the latest technology? Choose Blueline Point registered  First Data / Clover Agent.

Smart Cash Registers, POS Systems for Retail and Hospitality

COVID-19 government support for your businesses

COVID-19 government support for your businesses

Blueline Point as your payment processing advisor, would like to make sure you are taking advantage of available government programs to help your business financially during this time.  We have prepared  a brief recap of the 5 main Government Programs to assist your...

How the CLOVER system can help in the COVID-19 business environment

How the CLOVER system can help in the COVID-19 business environment

We’ve never experienced a time like this and the world is looking like a much different place than it did a couple months ago. We are keen for business to get back to “normal”, although we’re also realizing that normal may look a little different. At Blueline Point we...


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