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Clover Dining POS

Coming to Canada second half of 2020 !

Software for your Full Service Restaurant.

Create five-star experiences, ensure smooth staff communication, transact more securely, and do it all fast with a smart restaurant POS system. Purpose-built to work seamlessly with Clover Station, Clover Flex and Clover Mini point-of-sale devices, Clover Dining empowers you to run your restaurant just as you imagined.

Clover Dining is the new restaurant management point-of-sale (POS) software for your full-service restaurant. It offers all the features you need to manage customers, parties, and bar tabs to ensure a smooth experience for your patrons, an intuitive workflow for staff, and customizations/controls for managers.

Customize floor plans
Add. Move. Resize. Create visual table layouts, save defaults, and change them on the fly.

Manage customers & tables
Take and modify customer orders in fewer taps with category split view. Manage changing guest counts and split checks with ease.

Fire away
Send orders from your Clover device to back of the house printers and display systems, and let the kitchen work their magic.

Preauthorize payments
No more card wrangling. Preauthorize payments for bar tabs and large parties. Customers keep their payment cards for the rest of their visit.

Fast and flexible on the floor

Core features you need. Enhancements you’ll love.  Master customer delight with Clover Dining.

  • Multiple employee login methods: Swipe cards, PIN entry, or fingerprint login for a smooth start to the work day
  • Create floor plans by section with custom table names, shapes, and capacity for up to 50 guests per table
  • Purpose-built to work seamlessly on Clover Flex for order and pay-at-table service
  • Customer-inspired order interface designed to let your staff take orders the way customers naturally give them
  • Delight customers and keep the kitchen humming with easy-to-add modifiers, including required modifier selections
  • Fire orders to multiple kitchen displays to facilitate a smooth hand off from servers to the kitchen – and back again
  • Simple check splitting and partial payment capability reduce friction and confusion for large parties
  • Enjoy additional integrated restaurant, inventory, and staff management tools with 300+ apps in the Clover App Market
  • Multi-location tools: For independent restaurant owners with multiple locations, aggregate sales reporting, and centralized menu updates across your restaurants

Insights from your operations

More powerful data with every customer served

  • View real-time table statuses to decide how to deploy staff and when to check in with customers
  • Anticipate seasonality and assess performance over time with reporting and insights for up to 12 months
  • Filter and segment your reporting by revenue class, items, and more to make informed decisions about inventory
  • Data-driven employee management: See which staff members are upselling, applying discounts, deleting already-fired items, and more.