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Why Our Service Is The Best

Why Our Service Is The Best

Best Customer Service

1) Same Day terminal replacement in most urban areas in person by a certified technician. From the time you call, someone will be on your site in few hours. No more 2, 3 or 4 days without a payment processing system, unhappy customers and headaches.

2) Efficient Call Center operates 24/7. Have you experienced 15 or even 40 minutes waiting in a call center queue? Well not with us– our average wait time is 3 minutes.

3) You are not going to be transferred around, put on long holds or promised to be called back later. We have immediate service at your disposal.

4) Personalized service of Blueline Point Payment Specialists team.  You would have a direct cell phone line to one of our team members, who will be taking care of your particular needs.  No more impersonal operations in the sea of payment processing and call centers.

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